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Student Projects

Student Demonstrations

 Students prepare over several weeks to present demonstrations of a selected work at the end of the school year.   Students prepare their verbal demonstrations with visual aids to a panel of teachers, family, and peers. The panel offers advice and feedback to each demonstration. Demonstrations take place in May.

Many projects are created in science and history – and are also entered into regional science and history competitions.   See awards page for examples of these projects.

 Art / Music / Video

Students participate in projects that help them to explore  traditional and contemporary ways of expressing  their voice  and vision. The   opportunities offered become outlets for students to create a piece of work, to challenge misconceptions of history, to make a statement, and sometimes to attempt to solve problems.

Hands-On Projects

 Students grow gardens, build structures, engage in agriculture and ranching projects.  Recently, students  built an adobe “horno” (bread oven) and an adobe wall on their campus.  While  gaining  practical knowledge  about to the world around them, students are learning valuable skills, and seeing the fruit of their labor in the completion of their project.

Check “Spotlight” to see any new updated projects.