NACA Parent Community

Our purpose as the NACA Parent Community (parents, staff, administration, community) is to support NACA’s Mission to inspire and enrich the lives of NACA students through support of varied academic, social, and cultural activities. We seek to promote wellness of mind, body, spirit, and community for each individual child and family.

Family Community Meetings will be held at the beginning of every month on Monday evenings from 6:00 to 7:00pm via zoom.  This is a great opportunity to find out what is going on at NACA. All families are welcome to attend.

NACA Parent Group Facilitator:  Tirzah Toya-Waconda

Contact Information:

[email protected]  505-224-4930 or 505-266-0992


NACA Parent Group Committees for School Year:

In an effort to have more parent involvement, the NACA Parent Group asks each family to sign up for at least one event to volunteer at.  There are various events to choose from to fit the amount of time you would like to help out with and that will interest your family. We understand NACA is not a private school, but NACA is a community based school and this means in order for our school to be successful Families must be involved!  

Community Feast

This is an annual event that NACA has held since the opening of the school in 2006.  This is one of the largest school events at NACA which requires many parent volunteers.  For the feast we feed approximately 2000 people which means we ask families to help support by bringing food, serving food, and helping to clean up.  This event is in October and planning for it starts in August.   

Veterans Day Breakfast

As a thank you to all our NACA families and community members that have served, we host a breakfast on this day.  We ask families to donate food items and help serve. The time for this event is usually 3-4 hours.

Out of School time Volunteers

There is always a big need for volunteer help for the after school programs that NACA offers.  This group will work with the Out of School Time (OST) Director so that they can volunteer in areas that need extra helpers. This group is also a year round event, and the hours can vary according to your own schedule.

Thanksgiving Food Drive

This committee has been providing food baskets to families during the holiday for many years.  We need volunteers to help collect donations (that are brought in by staff and students), divide the food into boxes, and distribute to the families at NACA that may need.  We also provide a pizza party to the top class in elementary, mid, and high school. This event takes place the two days before Thanksgiving break and the time needed can be anywhere from 6-12 hours. 

Holiday Gift Baskets

We started this holiday gift basket idea about 5 years ago, when a generous community business donated to help some of our families who may need a little help during the holidays.  We have continued to provide this each Christmas and ask for volunteers to help wrap gifts and food baskets. The time needed is about 6-9 hours (one day).

Teacher Appreciation Day
One week in May we like to recognize all our Teachers for all they do for our children.  We host a breakfast one day and a lunch one day and ask families to help by either donating food or helping to serve the food at each of these meals.  Time required would be 3-6 hours for both events.

Title 1 Family Engagement