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Native American Community Academy (NACA) and its partners support educators in providing culturally-appropriate, holistic education for Native American children across New Mexico and the nation.

Transforming Education for Native American Students

As an award-winning and high-performing charter school, NACA is part of the solution to long-standing educational inequities in Native American education. We seek to help change the education landscape by sharing what we have learned in order to promote high-quality education for all students.


As a nation, we must ask ourselves how education practices and policies can be most effective for Native American youth.  At NACA, we believe that Native American children deserve an education that is:

  • Grounded in culture
  • Built on community values
  • Incorporates personal and holistic wellness
  • College preparatory for leadership in the 21st century


Get Involved

There are three different ways you can become part of the movement to improve education for Native American youth.

 1. Learn the Model.

Start a career in teaching with an Alternative Teacher Licensure. A 12-18 month teacher licensure program in Albuquerque, New Mexico for those with bachelor degrees in any field. Participants graduate eligible to apply for K-12 teaching licensure and positions while gaining hands-on and classroom experience instructing Native American youth. Learn more »

 2.  Live the Model.

Learn to start your own school through an Immersive Fellowship. A 12-month paid leadership fellowship in Albuquerque, New Mexico for teachers or administrators interested in starting their own charter school serving Native American youth. Includes immersion learning at NACA and assistance in establishing a new school. Learn more »

 3.  Share the Model.

Join a Learning Network of Native American Education Experts. A national learning network for those already working in tribal and indigenous-focused schools. This network uses bi-monthly convenings to share knowledge and best practices while creating partnerships to strengthen educator, school district, and tribal relationships. Learn more »

Please also be sure to learn about our educational philosophy, meet our staff and fellows, and see who our partners are.