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Out of School Time Learning

NACA provides a free, quality enrichment program to students in the before and after-school hours on a trimester basis. Students have an opportunity to choose from small group clubs, large group activities and field trips.Student Leadership Club

The mission of the Out of School Time (OST) learning program is to create an environment that is safe, supports learning opportunities, promotes personal growth, and builds relationships. Through OST, students and adults are engaged in effective communication and positive interaction that fosters critical thinkers and leaders.   The program draws on the NACA Core Values as the foundation for out-of-school time, providing a bridge between those experiences and in-school learning. 

To implement after school programs OST has developed close relations with partner organizations outside of NACA. The program is staffed by teachers and staff along with individuals serving as AmeriCorps members through the NACA Inspired Schools Network- Indigenous Educator Corps and Service Corps members through the University of New Mexico (UNM) Community Engagement Center. Staff members are at least 18 years of age with the exception of NACA High School interns, who participate in the junior internship program with Elementary Out-of-School Time. Our clubs and activities reflect our 5 program areas: Creative Expression, Culture & Identity, Academic Enrichment, Personal Wellness, and Leadership Development.

Out of School Time Learning Activities

Student Leadership Club

SLC squad

The mission of this club is for students to develop and grow leadership qualities, communication, teamwork, and school spirit. They will be building and demonstrating NACA core values through planning out of school events, and projects. They will also explore college readiness.


 JSTI STEM Club: The mission of this club aims to inspire youth and community engagement in STEM education. Throughout the year, STEM club participants will engage in various projects involving design thinking, 3D printing & design, beginner coding, and a capstone project at the end of the year. 



Proud Indigenous Youth Leaders: Through the ABQ Indian Health Board, this program provides fun interactive and skill-building activities to help youth and their families find ways to cope with trauma and build healthy lifelong practices. 


 Working Classroom: Allow your mind to take control! Learn new skills alongside amazing skilled teachers. This semester they are offering a class call Visual Art: Piece by Piece, where students work with ‘broken’ pieces of art and rebuild to construct new pieces of art. 


 Flight Club: This club is sponsored by Wings of America and the Nike N7 Fund. Flight Club is a program designed to help young athletes improve their physical fitness and knowledge of running. Members will regularly meet to run, stretch and enjoy the outdoors. 


 Diné Club: The mission of this club is for students to learn dances/singing along with arts and crafts such as weaving, jewelry, and sewing. Students will increase their understanding of identity & culture. 


Student Newspaper Club “NACA News”: The mission of this club is to establish a form of communication between staff, students, teachers, and families. To give students a platform to voice concerns, ideas, and thoughts about their academic environment.


OST Learning Outcomes

  • Increase literacy and math skills
  • Apply the NACA wellness philosophy to students’ daily lives
  • Increase understanding of identity and culture
  • Establish health relationships with adults/mentors


 For more information about the Out of School Time Learning Program please contact our office at (505) 266-0992 ext. 1007. We are located in room 227 at NACA Main Campus. 


Iris Sisneros, Elementary Program Coordinator, iris@nacaschool.org

Erick Hernandez, Middle School Program Coordinator erickhernandez076@gmail.com


Before School
(M,T,W,Th,F): 7:30am-8:30am
After School (M,T,W,Th)
Friday (Half-Day)