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Out of School Time Learning Program (OST)

NACA provides a free, quality enrichment program to students in the before and after-school hours on a trimester basis. Students have an opportunity to choose from small group clubs, large group activities and field trips.
The mission of the Out of School Time (OST) learning program is to create an environment that is safe, supports learning opportunities, promotes personal growth, and builds relationships. Through OST, students and adults are engaged in effective communication and positive interaction that fosters critical thinkers and leaders.   The program draws on the NACA Core Values as the foundation for out-of-school time, providing a bridge between those experiences and in-school learning.
HOURS OF OPERATION: Before school is for Elementary students/ families ONLY M-F 7:30a-8:30am. Middle & High School students must get dropped off at 8:30am, there is no supervision for students who get dropped off before that time.
Monday Tuesday  Wednesday Thursday Friday
4:00pm-5:30p 4:00pm-5:30p 4:00pm-5:30p 4:00pm-5:30p 12:30p-4:00pm

DAILY STUDENT PICK UP/PROGRAM END TIME/LATE POLICY It is important that you are prompt when picking up your student. Any student who remains on campus afterschool beyond 5:30pm is considered a late pick up, all late pick-ups will be documented. A referral will be made to Dean of students, and Head of School for follow up with Parent/Guardian.  After the third occurrence of a late pick up the parents/ guardians will meet with the OST Director and Head of School. Repeated late pick-ups will result in your child being dropped from the program. Please contact OST staff or Ms. Iris in case of emergencies, delays on picking up your child, or anything else that may arise. Pick up time for OST will be 5:30pm (M-TH) and FRIDAY at 4:00p.

To implement after school programs OST has developed close relations with partner organizations outside of NACA. The program is staffed by teachers and staff along with individuals serving as AmeriCorps members through the NACA Inspired Schools Network- Indigenous Educator Corps and Service Corps members through the University of New Mexico (UNM) Community Engagement Center. Staff members are at least 18 years of age with the exception of NACA High School interns, who participate in the junior internship program with Elementary Out-of-School Time.
Iris Sisneros


OST Director, Iris Sisneros

Yá’át’ééh shí éí Iris Sisneros yíníshyé’. Kinłichii’nii nishł.́ Naakai bá shíshchíín.  ‘Ashiihi dashicheii. Naakai dashinálí.

Hello. My name is Iris Sisneros. I am half Dine and half Spanish. I am born for Red House People clan and Spanish. My maternal grandfather is born for Salt People clan. My paternal grandfather is born for Spanish. I am originally from Mariano Lake, New Mexico. I am the OST Director for NACA. I am a NACA Alumni and graduated in 2014. I am grateful to get to know you and your students this school year. I enjoy being outdoors, spending time with family, drawing and listening to music.



Stephanie Yazzie


OST Coordinator, Stephanie Yazzie

Yá’át’ééh, shi éí Stephanie Yazzie yinishyé. Tábaahá nishłį́, Tódich' if' nii bashishchiin, Kinyaa'áanii dashicheii, Tsénjikini dashinalí. Hello, my name is Stephanie Yazzie. I am Diné/Navajo born for Water Edge and Bitter Water clan. My material grandfather is born for Towering House. My paternal grandfather is born for Honey Combed Rock or Cliff Dwellers. I am originally from Window Rock, Arizona. I am an IEC AmeriCorps alumnus who had the opportunity to continue to service the Indigenous youth community as a start to a new career path. I enjoy outdoors activities, personal & holistic care/beauty, weight lifting/going to the gym, and music.



Lucas Meadows
OST Middle School Assocaite, Lucas Meadows 
Hi! My name is Lucas Meadows, I’m 21 years old, I’m half Navajo and half white. I’ve graduated from ATDA in 2020 and I plan to attend college to study agriculture. My hobbies and interests include playing music as well as listening to music. Art has always been a major passion of mine, from poetry, to painting, to curating, to performance, creative expression is a strength and passion. I love reading novels and short stories, with authors including but not limited to Hunter H. Thompson, and H.P. Lovecraft. Likewise, as keeping my mind healthy I enjoy playing sports such as soccer, lacrosse, running track and calisthenics.

Sierra Peterson


OST Elementary School Assocaite, Sierra Peterson

Yá’át’ééh, Shi éí Sierra Peterson yinishyé, haltsooí nishłí, kinyaa’áanii bashishchiin, ashiihí dashicheii, Dził tł’ahinii dashinalí. Máii tééhyítłizhí déé naashá. Ákot’éego dine asdzáá nishił. Hello, my name is Sierra Peterson. I am meadow people, I’m born for the towering house people, Salt people are my maternal grandfathers, and Mountain Cove people are my paternal grandfathers. I am originally from Coyote Canyon, and this is how I am a Navajo lady. Currently, I am pursuing my education in Elementary Education at the University of New Mexico to receive my bachelor’s. I am a college intern with AmeriCorps and serving my time as an Out of School Time associate. My favorite thing to do is spend time with my family, go shopping, and play any kind of sport, such as basketball, volleyball, softball, etc.



Victoria Martine


OST Elementary School Associate, Victoria Martine

My name is Victoria (Viktoryia) Martine. I was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I am half Navajo and half Pueblo: Laguna, Zia, Zuni, and Santa Domino. I am a NACA Alumni, who graduated in 2018. I have an associate degree in Integrated Studies of Applied Science from Central of New Mexico Community College (CNM). I am currently attending CNM to become an elementary teacher. I work part-time with the Community and Engagement Center (CEC) at UNM and was placed at NACA to work with Out of School Time (OST) staff, working with Elementary. I also work part-time with NACA Land-based healing and learning team as a knowledge keeper teaching for an hour in kindergarten about sunflowers and trees, 2nd grade about corn, and 5th grade about composting.

Become an IEC member today!
OST is currently looking to recruit young people who are interested in supporting native youth as an OST associate through Americorps. Indigenous Educator Corps members receive a living allowance and education award.Apply today!  Indigenous Educator Corps Application

Eligibility Requirements:  Must be 18 or older, have a high school diploma or GED, and access to reliable transportation

Parents/ Guardians must complete an enrollment form to secure a spot for their student. Spots are limited and will be honored on a first come first serve basis. Families will receive a confirmation email or phone call once an enrollment form is received and an email with more information regarding daily operations, procedure & protocols will be sent. *All Elementary OST spots have been filled for SY 2022-2023.*
Middle School Weekly Schedule
OST Program Director
Iris Sisneros 
[email protected]
Before/ After school programming for students 
OST Program Coordinator
Stephanie Yazzie
[email protected]
OST Middle School Assocaite 
Lucas Meadows
OST Elementary Associate K-2nd 
Sierra Peterson
OST Elementary Associate 3rd-5th
Victoria Martine
Hiyupo Alliance Coordinator
Anthony Shemayme 
[email protected]
Serves students 6-12.

NACA ACE Family Liaison (NISN)
Tirzah Toya-Waconda
[email protected]