NACA Governing Council

NACA’s governing council members offer several areas of expertise, knowledge and skills. They are committed to NACA and our vision for learning and student success in all aspects of their lives. Our governing board members also serve as role models for our students and believe in giving back to the community.

Andrew Quintana

Andrew Quintana

Andrew I. Quintana, CPA, was raised at Cochiti Pueblo and has served as a tribal official on numerous occasions since 1995. Mr. Quintana received a B.B.A. in finance and a minor in economics from the University of New Mexico in 2005, summa cum laude. Mr. Quintana received a M.P.A. from the University of Texas at Austin in 2014. Mr. Quintana has spent much of his professional life advancing the interests of American Indian entrepreneurs throughout Indian Country. As a CPA, Mr. Quintana brings more than 10 years of diverse financial, and business consulting experience to his role as a Certified Public Accountant in Indian Country. In his personal time, Mr. Quintana pursues the advancement of financial literacy in Indian Country and in other at-risk communities in NM. Mr. Quintana enjoys coaching little league baseball and basketball. When time allows, Mr. Quintana pursues wild trout in various streams in New Mexico and Southern Colorado.

Michael Mora

Mr. Michael Mora

Michael Mora is an enrolled member of the Navajo Nation and Cochiti Pueblo. He attended New Mexico State University and received a bachelors and masters of accountancy. Michael is a licensed Certified Public Accountant in the state of New Mexico where he currently works as financial accounting and reporting consultant in a regional public accounting firm. His team assists tribal governments in reconciling and preparing their financial statements for required annual audits. He has provided over seven years of consulting and audit services in various industries including tribal governments and enterprises, higher education, healthcare, and manufacturing. His work experience has provided familiarity in assessment of internal controls, risk identification and assessment, supervision of audits including audit program determination, account reconciliations, and financial statement preparation.


Michael assists his local community by being a Governing Council member of the Native American Community Academy in Albuquerque, NM. He has been a member since 2018 and has been serving as the Treasurer since 2020. Additional volunteer services include serving on the New Mexico State University Business Advisory Board.


Val Siow

Ms. Val Siow

Valerie Siow is from the Pueblo of Laguna. She taught in Albuquerque for thirteen years and worked as Native Literature teacher at NACA from 2007-2016, where she co-developed the middle school reading program. Valerie is an advocate for Indigenous Education. She has written curricula for various Indigenous initiatives in New Mexico, served on the Laguna Department of Education school board and was the project director for a language revitalization initiative within her Pueblo. Valerie received her Bachelor’s Degree from Stanford University and her Master’s Degree from the University of New Mexico. She currently works at the NACA Inspired Schools Network as the Senior Director of Education and Transformation. She is a proud mom of a NACA student.

Heidi Macdonald


Heidi Macdonald (Wohiste Maxbiya) is an enrolled member of the Fort Peck Tribes (Nakoda/Dakota) in Montana and a descendent of the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians in North Dakota. Before embarking on the journey to New Mexico, they were a drug and alcohol prevention educator at the Onondaga Nation School in upstate New York. In 2008, Heidi attended the Pre-Law Summer Institute at the University of New Mexico and graduated from the University of New Mexico School of Law in 2010. Before joining the OneGen team, they worked in a variety of policy and research spaces, including the American Indian Law Center, New Mexico Indian Affairs Department, Legislative Education Study Committee, Education Commission of the States, and the New Mexico Public Education Department. Heidi is learning the Nakoda language and is diligently working to become fully fluent in the language. 


                                                                                           Alan Brauer


Alan Brauer currently serves as the Senior Director of the Indigenous Farm Hub at Naca Inspired Schools Network. Alan spent his formative years and early career on his family’s dairy farm in western Maryland. He is deeply rooted in sustainable locally centered farming approaches. He moved to New Mexico in 2001 to teach First grade on the Navajo Nation in Smith Lake. Alan entered into teacher coaching and non-profit management with Teach For America in New Mexico and Baltimore. He joined the NACA Inspired Schools Network in 2015 to lead the Fellowship implementation and manage technical assistance and school support. Alan served as the Director of the Charter Schools Division at the New Mexico Public Education Department. He proudly serves as a Public Education Commissioner, representing District 3 and is a member of the Farm Service Agency’s Urban County Committee for Albuquerque. Alan holds a BA from Goucher College, an MAT from Western New Mexico University and an MBA from the University of New Mexico.  

Governing Council Bylaws

--Bylaws of the NACA Governing Council

Meetings and Agendas

NACA's Governing Council normally meets once a month on the third Thursday at 4:30pm via zoom

or may meet at 1000 Indian School Rd NW Albuquerque, New Mexico 87104-Main Campus 

Governing Council Meeting May 20 ,2024 at 4:30pm


In Person at NACA Main Campus 


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Meeting ID: 926 4275 9378
Passcode: 9CVc24

GC Meeting Dates Agenda Minutes Financials
June 20, 2024
Financial Reports
June 10, 2024
 No Minutes
No Financial Reports 
May 30, 2024
April 25, 2024
March 21, 2024
Financial Reports
February 22, 2024
Financial Reports
January 25, 2024
Special Meeting
January 11, 2024
No Financial Reports
December 21, 2023
Cancelled-No quorum
Financial Reports
November 16, 2023
Financial Reports
October 19, 2023
Financial Reports
September 21, 2023
Financial Reports 
August 24, 2023
Financial Reports
July 20, 2023
June 27, 2023
June 22, 2023
No Quorum
Reschedule to 6/27/23
6.22.23 Financials
June 15, 2023
No Minutes No Financials
May 18, 2023
5.18.23 Minutes 5.18.23 Financials
April 20, 2023
Special Meeting
Review FY24 Budget
April 13, 2023
Minutes to present
Rescheduled meeting
March 30, 2023
3.16.23 Financials
March 16, 2023
3.16.23 Minutes 3.16.23 Financials
February 23, 2023
2.23.23 Minutes 2.23.23 Financials
January 19, 2023
1.19.23 Minutes 1.19.23 Financials
December 15,2022
12.15.2022 Minutes 12.15.2022 Financials
November 17, 2022
11.17.2022 Minutes 11.17.2022 Financials
October 20, 2022
10.20.2022 Minutes 10.20.2022 Financials
September 29, 2022
9.29.22 Minutes 9.29.22 Financials
September 15,2022
9.15.22 Minutes 9.15.22 Financials
August 25, 2022
8.25.22 Agenda 8.25.22 Minutes
July 21, 2022
7.21.22 Agenda 7.21.22 Minutes
June 23, 2022
6.23.22 Agenda 6.23.22 Minutes No Financials to present
June 16, 2022
6.16.22 Agenda 6.16.22 Minutes 6.16.22 Financials
May 19, 2022
5.19.22 Agenda 5.19.22 Minutes 5.19.22 Financials
April 21, 2022
4.21.22 Agenda 4.21.22 Minutes N/A
April 14, 2022
4.14.22 Agenda 4.14.22 Minutes N/A
March 31, 2022
3.31.22 Agenda 3.31.22 Minutes 3.31.22 Financials
March 3, 2022
(Special Meeting)
3.3.22 Agenda 3.3.22 Minutes N/A
February 24, 2022 2.24.22 Agenda 2.24.22 Minutes 2.24.22 Financials
January 20, 2022 1.20.22 Agenda 1.20.22 Minutes 1.20.22 Financials
January 12, 2022 1.12.22 Agenda 1.12.22 Minutes N/A
December 16, 2021 12.16.21 Agenda 12.16.21 Minutes 12.16.21 Financials
November 18, 2021 11.18.21 Agenda 11.18.21 Minutes 11.18.21 Financials
October 21, 2021 10.21.21 Agenda 10.21.21 Minutes 10.21.21 Financials 
September 23, 2021 9.23.21 Agenda 9.23.21 Minutes 9.23.21 Financials
August 26, 2021 8.26.21 Agenda 8.26.21 Minutes 8.26.21 Financials
August 12, 2021 8.12.21 Agenda 8.12.21 Minutes  N/A
July 23, 2021 7.23.21 Agenda 7.23.21 Minutes 7.23.21 Financials 
June 23, 2021 6.23.21 Agenda 6.23.21 Minutes 6.23.2021 Financials
May 25, 2021
Special Meeting
5.25.21 Agenda 5.25.21 Minutes N/A
May 20, 2021
5.20.21 Agenda 5.20.21 Minutes 5.20.21 Financials
April 26, 2021
Special Meeting
4.26.21 Agenda
4.26.21 Minutes  N/A
April 15, 2021
4.15.21 Agenda 4.15.21 Minutes 4.15.21 Financials
March 18, 2021
3.18.21 Agenda 3.18.21 Minutes 3.18.21 Financials
February 18, 2021
2.18.21 Agenda 2.18.21 Minutes 2.18.21 Financials
January 21, 2021
1.21.21 Agenda 1.21.21 Minutes 1.21.21 Financials
December 17, 2020
12.17.20 Agenda 12.17.20 Minutes 12.17.20 Financials
November 19 2020
11.19.20 Agenda 11.19.20 Minutes 11.19.20 Financials
October 30, 2020
10.30.20 Agenda 10.30.20 Minutes 10.30.20 Financials
October 22, 2020 10.22.20 Agenda 10.22.20 Minutes 10.22.20 Financials
September 17, 2020
9.17.20 Agenda 9.17.20 Minutes 9.17.20 Financials
August 20,2020
8.20.20 Agenda 8.20.20 Minutes 8.20.20 Financials
July 16, 2020
7.16.20 Agenda 7.16.20 Minutes 7.16.20 Financials
June 25, 2020
6.25.20 Agenda 6.25.20 Minutes 6.25.20 Financials
June 18, 2020
6.18.20 Agenda Postponed to 6.25.20 Postponed to 6.25.20
May 21, 2020
5.21.20 Agenda 5.21.20 Minutes 4.16.20&5.21.20 Financials
April 16, 2020
4.16.20 Agenda 4.16.20 Minutes 4.16.20&5.21.20 Financials
March 26, 2020 3.26.20 Agenda 3.26.20 Minutes 3.26.20 Financials
February 20, 2020 2.20.20 Agenda 2.20.20 Minutes 2.20.20 Financials
January 23, 2020
Special Meeting
January 16, 2020
Rescheduled to 1/30/2020
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