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Programs and Activities

At NACA, we believe that activities and out-of-the-classroom learning programs are  critical to a comprehensive and challenging education.

 NACA offers a number of programs, activities, and clubs that fit within its philosophy of education, wellness, community, and college readiness from an indigenous perspective.

These programs, clubs, and activities are created with multiple community and organizational partnerships and collaborations. Activities and clubs change from year to year, and some programs may be offered in the summer.

Academic Year Programs

Academic Activities and Learning Trips

NACA offers many different academic activities to help strengthen and enhance the classroom experience, including student demonstrations, National History Day projects, Junior Achievement Job Shadow Day, and Student Council.   We also organize learning trips such as the 8th Grade Emerging Leaders Development Trip to Washington DC, and the South Dakota Cultural Learning trip.   Learn more about our academic activities and learning trips.

Athletics Program & Club Sports

TrackNACA athletics are an  extension of NACA students’ education by approaching team sports from a  community-building perspective  base. The priority of NACA Athletics  is to  support the in-school curriculum and closely work with Out of School Time activities to provide students with as many opportunities as possible.  Winning is not a goal or objective because winning in the traditional sense emphasizes negative competition and inappropriate behavior by coaches, players and families. When these objectives are accomplished and the goals met winning on and off the field and court comes naturally.   Learn more about our athletics program & club sports.

 Cultural Service Learning Program

Through this program the academic classroom curriculum is combined with youth service to enrich the learning experience, teach civic responsibility, encourage lifelong civic engagement, and strengthen communities for the common good. This program provides students with a learning experience that is grounded in important cultural practices, financial literacy and economic development training. Activities include: Horno “oven” Building and Repair, Sheep Shearing, Wool Preparation, Weaving, Drum Making, Pow Wow Instruction, and Traditional Clothing/Regalia.

Dual College Degree Program


NACA offers a College Degree Program to all high school students. Through this program students are assessed on their college readiness and can begin as early as their sophomore year taking college level classes. Student then begin taking 6 credit hours of concurrent enrollment and can work towards college graduation while in high school. Students who successfully complete the program will graduate with a degree from one of  Albuquerque’s local Universities and Community Colleges by the time they graduate from high school.   Learn more about NACA’s Dual College Degree Program.

Experiential Learning Program

Experiential NACA’s  Experiential Education program  is designed to  enhance students’  understanding  of the NACA  core values and wellness philosophy by  using the outdoors as an instructional tool.  The program goal  is to ensure that every student  has an outdoor experience.  Through various activities that include hiking, camping, backpacking, snow shoeing, snowboarding, rock climbing, and other forms of outdoor activities, students demonstrate the core values of Respect, Responsibility, Community/Service, Culture, Perseverance,  and Reflection.  NACA students have the opportunity to share cultural teachings and perspectives while in the natural setting.

Out of School Time Learning

NACA offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities including clubs, activities and fieldtrips to complement and enhance in-school learning.  Learn more about NACA’s OST Learning Programs.

School-Based Mentoring Program

 NACA’s School Based Mentoring Program is a developmental relationship between adults and youth which provides students broad support in all aspects of their lives and personal development. The relationship increases their self-esteem and confidence, improves their relationships with peers, parents and teachers, and changes their attitudes about school and learning. It is a partnership that aligns with NACA’s core values and integrates the school’s wellness philosophy in every day action.

Student Support Services

SSSStudent Support Services address the social-emotional needs of the NACA student body and their families. The mission of the services is to provide comprehensive, culturally-sensitive, school-based mental health and support services for students and their families.  Services include case management, referral crisis intervention, individual and family counseling, group therapy, staff wellness, and community outreach. One of the most widely utilized programs is the Eagle Room which provides a peaceful, culturally-based meditation space is provided for all NACA students, families and staff for self-reflection, meditation/prayer honoring our Native traditions.  Learn more about NACA’s Student Support Services.

Summer Programs

Each summer, NACA offers exciting and enriching programs for students. The core summer program through the Out of School Time Learning program offers fieldtrips, a wide range of activities to keep bodies moving, crafts, music and more. Partner organizations offer additional programs, institutes, and workshops. Extended trips such as the Washington D.C. and New Zealand trips happen during the summer.NZ