Student Policy Handbook

Greetings NACA Students and Families!

Welcome to the Native American Community Academy (NACA). This is YOUR school and we are happy that you have chosen NACA. This student handbook is for your information regarding our school’s philosophy of learning, and to provide you with important policy and procedural information. 

As students enter NACA, we ask that they envision their educational future by developing goals with the assistance of NACA staff and parents. Together NACA staff assist students to develop goals in all spheres of the students’ lives using the Wellness Wheel. These goals ensure that our students progress from childhood to adulthood, strive to be healthy, form strong identities, and prepare themselves academically to take a leadership role in their communities. 

The school day will encompass a grounding in curricular excellence, cultural relevance, community connections, and a wellness philosophy. Our school day has been created to mirror a 9-5 p.m. work day so students can maximize our community strengths as well as have abundant time to dedicate to learning, physical health, culture and community service. 

The NACA Out-of-School program (OST), through its partnership with the University of New Mexico and community-based organizations, offers NACA students’ additional academic enrichment, support, and clubs. The students are supported through tutorials, mentorships, cultural learning, service learning, and physical activities. The out-of-school program provides students with engaging positive role models and a safe place after school so they can pursue their interests and strengthen skills in all areas. 

It’s through this unique and innovative approach that your child will practice self-discovery and learn the skills that will open future opportunities to him/her.  This is just the beginning of a great partnership with a true community school which is honored to welcome and be welcomed by you.  

We look forward to Growing Together.   


Zane J. Rosette, Executive Director