Enrollment Process

Interested New Students

We are enrolling for the upcoming school year, 2020-2021 at the Native American Community Academy for incoming 6th grade and limited spaces for grades, 7th-11th. Please see the NACA flowchart to learn more about the Enrollment process.

To apply for enrollment at NACA, please download and fill out the lottery application and send to our address below.

NACA Elementary School Lottery Application


NACA Middle/High School Lottery Application


Mail/Fax/Email Lottery Application to:

Native American Community Academy (NACA)

Student Enrollment Office

1000 Indian School Road NW

Albuquerque, NM 87104

Fax# (505) 266-2905



Lottery Draw

The New Mexico Public Education Department has designed a lottery system that requires charter schools to hold an open enrollment procedure.

Once you have completed the initial enrollment application, your name will be placed on a list for enrollment. Each school year, we accept up to 75 students for incoming 6th grade. Other grade levels, 7th-11th grade students will be accepted based on number of spaces available. At the first of every month, we will hold a lottery drawing and students on the waitlist will be put into a random lottery draw. Every subsequent first day of each month we will hold lottery drawings until we are full. The remaining students will be placed on a waiting list and called when a space becomes available.

Priorities for enrollment

NACA approves transfers according to a lottery selection process. The following priorities apply to the enrollment process:

  • Returning students (i.e., students already attending the school)
  • Siblings of current students (depending on space availability)
  • Students whose names are drawn from the lottery, until all slots are filled.


Documentation Requirements

Once a student is accepted and given notice, you will need the following documents to register:

  • Child’s birth certificate
  • Child’s updated vaccination records
  • Documentation of Tribal Affiliation/CIB (if applicable)
  • Final Copy of HS transcripts for all schools attended for 9th-11th grades
  • Student Records from former schools e.g. test scores, Special Education services, transcripts

Prospective High School Students: Please attach updated high school transcripts (if possible). If no transcripts, a formal request will be made to the last school attended. Once transcripts are received, a formal credit review will be conducted and a credit summary will be created to verify credits earned thus far to then establish grade level classification at NACA.

Informational Sessions

Students and families can attend one session of the following dates to learn more about NACA and our programs and services.

- March 11th 5:30pm - Middle School & Elementary Information Session, NACA Main campus

Need Help?

The Title 1 Homeless Project provides outreach support to assist students and families with various aspects of the registration process. For more information, contact the Title 1 Homeless Project at (505) 256-8239.