What We Teach

NACA provides an academic program that reflects a commitment to student academic achievement, cultural connections, and creative electives.

  • High SchoolNative Literature classes foster literacy skills and knowledge and, at the middle school level, students connect to indigenous cultures through additional Native Literature and tiered reading classes.
  • In Indigenous History students explore local, continental, and global history and geography that is grounded in relevant perspectives.
  • Numeracy is fostered through the Eureka Math Squared in elementary and middle school and Interactive Math Program in high school.
  • Indigenous Science is grounded in physical, life, earth, environmental sciences and biology.
  • Health and wellness are central to NACA’s Personal Wellness classes which are offered at all grades.
  • Indigenous Language classes include: Lakota, Navajo, Tiwa, Keres, Zuni, and Spanish language classes.
  • NACA Rock and Indigenous Art are elective classes that are grounded in student choice and interest.