Mission and Vision


To engage students, educators, families, and community in creating a school that will prepare our students to grow from early childhood to adulthood and begin strengthening communities by developing strong leaders who are academically prepared, secure in their identity and healthy.


Our vision is of a thriving and dynamic community where students, educators, families and Native community leaders come together, creating a place for students to grow, become leaders, and prepare to excel in both college and life in general. The NACA community and experience will help students incorporate wellness and healthy life practices, community service and an appreciation of cultural diversity into their lives.

NACA Goals

  1. Build youth to be confident in their cultural identities
  2. Encourage youth to persevere academically
  3. Support physical, emotional and spiritual wellness in youth
  4. Prepare youth academically & emotionally for college
  5. Strengthen youth to take their role as leaders

NACA Core Values

Students and staff are encouraged to demonstrate behavior and attitudes that represent each core value as it relates to the overall community.

1.   Respect – Having concern for harmonious relationships; honoring yourself, your peers, your family, your elders, your ancestors, your teachers, your school, your community, your tribe/nation.   Having courteous regard for others’ feelings and values. Respect helps people get along better with each other.

2. Responsibility – We are responsible to our People; past, present and future, as well as our environment and other living things. Being responsible is a form of trustworthiness; being accountable for your words, actions, and conduct in all that you do.

3. Community/Service – We belong to the NACA community as well as the communities of our neighborhoods, cities, pueblos, reservations and nations. This means that, along with rights, we have the responsibility to provide service to make our community a better place for all.

4. Culture – We honor and value our own cultures and those of others. We recognize we are influenced by many cultures, including Indigenous, youth, and contemporary western cultures and are mindful in how this impacts the development of identity.

5. Perseverance – Indigenous people have endured because of the perseverance and determination of those that came before. We make our ancestors proud by remaining constant to a purpose, idea or task in spite of obstacles. We engage our innate strengths and build relationships with others that support us in developing to our full potential.

6. Reflection – Indigenous thinking and learning is a reflective process involving a deliberate looking inward, self-awareness and contemplation of deeper meanings. We support this reflective practice to encourage thoughtfulness, personal growth, profound learning and meaningful change.