Our Curriculum

We focus on two areas of literacy: Language Comprehension and Word Recognition.
Language Comprehension is taught by using:
  • Native Literature curriculum
  • Wonders Reading curriculum
Word Recognition is taught by using:
  • Fundations curriculum
  • Heggerty curriculum
These four curricula allow our teachers use to engage students in the reading process. 
Numeracy concepts are taught using:
  • EurekaMath curriculum.
  • Istation Reading: Assessed once a month.
  • Istation Math: Assessed once a month.
  • NWEA Reading: Assessed three times a year.
  • NWEA Math: Assessed three times a year.
Specials are elective classes.
  • Art
  • Personal Wellness
  • Music
  • Indigenous Languages
At NACA Elementary, students have the opportunity to engage with an Indigenous language. 
  • Keres
  • Lakota
  • Navajo
  • Zuni
Some languages are restricted to members of their community. Please ask questions if you are not sure what language your student should be taking.