NACA Eagles Alumni Internship July 2020

40 hours a week $15/hour for 40 weeks. 

 Summer Teaching Assistant

¨ Support virtual learning in the classroom.

¨ Create lesson plans, to include videos, activities, presentations to share with students.

¨ Work with Teachers to support Math and Literacy.

¨ Assist with creating a school culture in the midst of teaching online, Work with a team of staff to promote learning and create avenues for students to enrich their school experience.

¨  Support the overall school structure and environment. 

Land Based Learning

¨ Work with the Land Based Learning Team to support school wide initiatives around knowledge of history, use of land for learning and healing and ongoing conservation efforts.

¨ Support the development of a garden, outdoor space for elementary students and work to create outdoor learning spaces for all students.

¨ Staff will work with a team to support students, staff and families in understanding land based learning. 



¨ Support the Communications structure at NACA with the use of technology.

¨ Create digital avenues to promote virtual learning and foster community.

¨ Will support the distribution and monitoring of technology that is shared with students and families.

¨ Fellow will utilize creative forms to provide outreach to students and families through the use of videos, online chats, social media, etc.

¨ Fellow will work with a team of staff who will work together to improve outreach and communication to school community.


  • Graduated from NACA in the years 2012-2019.
  • Recent 2020 College Graduates
  • Must be College students currently enrolled in school full time . Candidates qualify who are on Summer Break.
  • Able to fulfill role & commit to hours in a team oriented approach

If you meet the qualifications and are interested please send Resume and Letter of Interest to:

Iris Sisneros

[email protected]