First Nations Student Based Health Center Update Due to Closures

We are trying to work out a plan with our school based health centers to ensure services are available to students. Since NACA will be doing distance learning, we will offer telehealth/telephone visits with an option for students to be seen at our clinic, as needed.


I will let you know what the referral process will be in terms of making appointments, either telehealth and/or face-to-face.  We are working on getting something set up with our website so students can request services via our website and/or go the SBHC during the days and times were there. 


As of today please send all behavioral health/counseling referrals via student support referral form to Alleyne Toya- Director of Student Support-


Primary care and dental referrals need to go directly to First Nations, they can call 505-262-2481 or 505-248-2990 and let the front desk staff know they are a NACA student.