NACA Student and Staff Spotlight

Rock Stars Rockstar Winner for the week-
Shout Out to the following Rock Stars this week Oct 26-28:

Robert Valdez (11th)-Ms. Wings recognizes Responsibility, Perseverance-"Robert comes on time (and it's a first period class!), volunteers answers, shows his face, submits his work. He is a shining star in my class".

Asia Bradley (11th) Ms. Beenen recognizes Responsibility- "Asia is so studious, well organized and hardworking. She's an inspiration!"

Crystal Coriz (11th)- Ms. Beenen recognizes Respect, Responsibility, Perseverance- "From day one in August, Crystal was ready to work and learn. She does all her assignments thoroughly, accurately and on time. Always. And often times, she'll do more than what's required".  

Breanna Fasthorse (12th)- Mr. S recognizes Responsibility/Reflection- "Brianna has been applying herself so fully despite many challenges. She will be taking a full dual credit load and showing up every day prepared and working hard. I'm proud of how hard she is working and how she is also taking care of herself".

Madison Pulliam (11th)- Mr. S recognizes Respect/ Responsibility -"Madi has constantly kept her camera on and is always bringing positivity and thoughtfulness to class. She reaches out to work with other students and again is always so positive and thoughtful!"

Diego Maho (12th)- Mr Montoya recognizes Responsibility- "I've been very impressed with Diego this first quarter. He has been taking responsibility for all of his classes getting straight A's. He has also been taking ownership of his college applications and scholarships. I'm proud to be his advisor and I've been amazed by how Diego has been checking in during advisory, setting a great example and modeling the NACA Core Value of responsibility during this difficult time. Keep up the great work Diego. You're awesome!"