NACA Student and Staff Spotlight

Rock Stars Great Job NACA Eagles for Demonstrating "Responsibility", "Respect", "Perseverance" and "Reflection" Core Values
Crystal Coriz (11th) - Crystal has been so positive and engaged in class. She taught us K-Pop dances as a warm up two times, always stays on camera, and has been really going deep into class material. Thank you Crystal!
Colby Bates (12th)-Colby is resilient, constantly striving to improve, and always humble and ready to put in the work outside of class. I am so proud of the hard work Colby has put in and how much he has grown in the past two years. He doesn't get frustrated when things are challenging and instead keeps working at things until he gets them right. I'm proud of you Colby!
Jillian Ortiz (9th)-She is doing outstanding in her English class!! And is doing her best to keep her grades up
Ashleigh Salt (11th)- Ashleigh comes to class wanting to learn and always puts in a lot of effort in EVERYTHING she does. I am impressed by her engagement, even when her peers are not participating. Her assignments are done with a lot of care and reflection and she isn't afraid to ask questions. I appreciate you Ashleigh! Keep it up!