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Optional Summer Resources




Beast Academy

A math platform that provides a complete curriculum for ages 8-13.  The digital practice includes games, problems, and puzzles divided into chapters and units that follow the same sequence found in the Beast Academy book series. 

Keyboarding, Digital Literacy and Coding
Typing lessons, Typing Tests, Typing Games, Digital Literacy and Coding Curriculum.  Free for everyone!
A learning platform which features many content areas (math, science, social studies, writing, etc.)  
An engaging game-based learning math platform for 1st-8th graders. Parents are able to create a parent account to set goals, give rewards and monitor progress.  
Digital library for kids 12 and under.  Parent can sign up free for 30 days for instant access to over 40,000 books! 
Albuquerque Public Library-Keeping Kids Entertained at Home
Virtual places to visit for book fans. 


Summer Reading Challenge
  •  ***Please make a copy of this document and fill it out. 
Summer Wellness BINGO Challenge
Send to to receive an incentive.  wellness wheel
Please make sure you travel with your parents or a responsible adult if you go outdoors.  
Remember to practice social distancing protocols. 
Have fun!