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Summer Challenges

Hello families! 
The purpose of our Summer Challenge is to engage our students in consistent academic activities centered around Reading and Math.  Please take the time to help your child set up a consistent routine that will help them stay engaged and have fun while doing it!  There will be prizes awarded at the end of summer for students that complete GOALS in each area. The challenge ends on August 10th.  Happy Learning!  Here is the breakdown of GOALS--
  • Reading Challenge:     1st Goal—50 books for K-2, or 50 Chapters for 3-5

                                            2nd Goal—75 books for K-2, or 75 Chapters for 3-5

  • Math Challenge:          1st Goal — 2 activities per week (Khan Academy)

                                             2nd Goal— 3 activities per week (Khan Academy)



Reading Challenge--please use the document below for recording your child's progress throughout the summer.  If you do not have access to a printer, you can simply use notebook paper to document your child's reading too.


Math Challenge--Khan Academy--Here are the steps for joining Khan Academy and remember to register for the class that your student will be in during the Fall. 

How to join your Khan Academy class
1 Go to
2 Enter your class code and press “Add”.
Class code: ____________________________
3 If you don’t already have an account, press
“Create a new account”. Enter your date
of birth, then sign up using Google, your
school email, or by creating a username.
4 Enter your grade and course. Now you’re
ready to start learning!


Here are the codes for each class


1st Grade-

2nd Grade-

3rd Grade-

4th Grade-

5th Grade-


READING Challenge Document