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Distance Learning 2020

Hello NACA Families,
Many of you are wondering about the first day of school. School will officially start on Monday, August 10th. NACA will be starting with a distance learning model with all classes happening online. Logistics are still being worked out, so please be patient with us.
During the week of August 3-7: Elementary teachers and Middle/High Advisors will reach out to families for individual relationship building meetings and to provide information on steps moving forward to start the school year.
NACA will be distributing technology to all families that need it along with textbooks/learning packets depending on teacher plans. A schedule for each grade-level to pick up items will be available on our website and social media prior to August 3rd.
As always, if you have questions, please contact your student's Head of School
Elementary--Zane Rosette:
Middle Scool--Azella Humetewa:
High School--Mikki Carroll:
Thank you--NACA Leadership Team
Distance Learning -- Weekly Plans
In the coming weeks, your child's teacher will provide your family with weekly plans.  Our goals are to maintain strong relationships with our families while creating opportunities for our students to be challenged academically with core curricula that is relevant to our community.  Our hopes are to keep you consistently informed of the journey we are on, while maintaining open lines of communication.  Stay tuned!
Language Program
Our Language Team took some time to gather some info for their respective families.  Below you will find information on each Language Class. 
Keres --Keres instructors sent out emails to the family of students that are in their class.  Please let Ms. Tirzah know if you have not received the email,
Lakota --Mr. Dillabaugh will be your child's Lakota Language instructor
Navajo -- Mr. Chee will be our Navajo Language instructor
Zuni-- Mr. Shellendewa will be our Zuni Language instructor

Mr. Bradford and Ms. Becenti are our Personal Wellness teachers for the Elementary.  Students learn about their health and wellness in Personal Wellness class while engaged in activity based learning.  Plans for Fall 2020 soon to come.